Gold Standard Package

Our Gold Standard program includes the applications listed below. In addition,we recommend preventing grub worms in late Spring and core aerating your lawn in the fall.  You can see all of our lawn care programs here.

Included with our Gold Standard program: early spring, late spring, summer, early fall and late fall. We also recommend grub worm preventive and core aeration.  Each application is described below.

Early Spring

Applied: Early March thru late April

Our first application is a dry granular application consisting of crabgrass pre-emergence (prodiamine, 0.37%) and fertilizer to encourage spring green-up. We are very thorough in our application of this product to ensure maximum benefit for preventing grassy weeds, especially on the edges of your lawn, sidewalks, and drives.

Grub Preventive

Applied: Mid-April thru Late May

Grub worm insecticide technology is advancing. For many years we used imidacloprid for the control of grub worms in lawns. While imadacloprid served us well, we have decided to use a more effective product for grub control applications. Acelepryn is the new insecticide. One application in the spring controls grubs for the entire season plus many surface feeding insects for up to 2 months! As this product is spring-applied, it will be easier to water in with the more frequent spring rains. The exceptional performance of Acelepryn on many insects, in addition to grub worms, combined with its favorable environmental and toxicological profile, makes it a good choice for your lawn program.

Late Spring

Applied : Mid-April thru late June

We fertilize your lawn to maintain the vigor and color of spring entering the summer months. This application is made at a critical time when the grass is beginning to produce seed heads—which uses a lot of the plant’s energy that’s been stored in the roots. This application utilizes slow release fertilizers to help feed the lawn up to six more weeks and keep it looking its best. We also apply broadleaf weed control to eliminate any weeds that may be in your lawn—careful not to damage any existing or emerging flowers. If your lawn is scheduled for grub worm control, it is applied at this time as well.


Applied:  June – August

We use a slow release granular fertilizer to keep your lawn green and growing at an even pace. This application helps the lawn stay healthy during Indiana’s typically hot July days.  We look over your lawn for weeds, insects, disease or any other problems that are visible to the technician.  

Early Fall

Applied: September and October

This application promotes the recovery process from any stresses the lawn may have encountered over the summer months. We fertilize the lawn and spray our high quality, liquid weed control over the entire lawn—edge to edge. This is the best time of year for controlling unwanted broadleaf weeds. Eliminating weeds at this time of year keeps the dandelions away the following spring.

Late Fall

Applied: November to early December

This fertilizer application promotes root growth and early spring green-up the following year. Although this application is made in November and early December, it is a very effective application as it leads to increased energy reserves in the roots for utilization the following spring.

Core Aeration (recommended)

Spring or Fall (when soils are moist)

Core aeration loosens compacted soil, thus increasing the availability of water and nutrients; enhances oxygen levels in the soil, which stimulates root growth; and enhances the activity of thatch-decomposing organisms. This service is often performed in late summer (with over-seeding) or fall. After aeration your lawn is covered with small plugs or “cores”.  Within a 3 to 4 weeks, these plugs of thatch and soil will break apart and disappear into your lawn. There is no need to remove them.

Our family owned and operated business has experienced staff who will take the time and expend the effort to ensure professional results. We personally select the industry’s best product choices for your treatments. We then determine the most effective method to apply them to your lawn. For example, we purposely use a special flat fan nozzle technology to apply our liquid weed control. Instead of spraying weed control through a shower-type nozzle in a random back-and-forth motion, we cover your entire yard using our special nozzles to ensure that we hit every square inch, including those pesky trouble spots along sidewalks, drives, and curbs. The result is complete, consistent coverage. Every time! That’s the Mattingly Lawn Care difference!

We’re so confident you’ll be pleased with your own professional results that we back our work with the Mattingly Edge-to-Edge Lawn Care Guarantee*. If you’re not completely satisfied with the results from one edge of your lawn to the other, we’ll work with you until we get it right.

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