Healthy Basics Package

Our Healthy Basics Program includes the applications listed below. You can see our other lawn care programs here. 

Early Spring

Applied: Early March thru late April

Our first application is a dry granular application consisting of crabgrass pre-emergence (prodiamine, 0.37%) and fertilizer to encourage spring green-up. We are very thorough in our application of this product to ensure maximum benefit for preventing grassy weeds, especially on the edges of your lawn, sidewalks, and drives.

Late Spring

Applied : Mid-April thru late June

We fertilize your lawn to maintain the vigor and color of spring entering the summer months. This application is made at a critical time when the grass is beginning to produce seed heads—which uses a lot of the plant’s energy that’s been stored in the roots. This application utilizes slow release fertilizers to help feed the lawn up to six more weeks and keep it looking its best. We also apply broadleaf weed control to eliminate any weeds that may be in your lawn—careful not to damage any existing or emerging flowers.

Early Fall

Applied: September and October

This application promotes the recovery process from any stresses the lawn may have encountered over the summer months. We fertilize the lawn and spray our high quality, liquid weed control over the entire lawn—edge to edge. This is the best time of year for controlling unwanted broadleaf weeds. Eliminating weeds at this time of year keeps the dandelions away the following spring.

Late Fall

Applied: November to early December

This fertilizer application promotes root growth and early spring green-up the following year. Although this application is made in November and early December, it is a very effective application as it leads to increased energy reserves in the roots for utilization the following spring.


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