Advanced Perimeter Pest

Perimenter Pest Control that Works

Perimeter Pest Control That Works

What is Perimeter Pest Control? 

Perimeter Pest Control is a series of four insect control treatments which provide a shield around your home, reducing the number of insects such as ants, crickets, fleas, mites, and spiders from entering your home.

We will administer an insect control spray band to the surrounding foundation, cracks, and crevices as well as other “bug doorways” to help keep insects out.

Our Advanced Perimeter Pest Program consists of  four treatments.  The first treatment is in spring–before the bugs invade your home. Two more treatments are scheduled for the summer months and the final treatment is completed in fall fall–offering year-round protection.

What are the benefits of our Perimeter Pest Control program?

  • Keep unwanted pests from invading your home
  • It is odorless, colorless, and friendly to your family and pets
  • It is not harmful to soil, flowers, shrubs, or lawns
  • It is effective against many different insects that invade your home
  • It takes place outdoors–keeping insecticides out of your home and out of your living space
  • Scheduling is easy and automatic—no one needs to be home—we take care of it all

Our Advanced Perimeter Pest Control Program

  • We provide 4 applications, beginning in the spring.
  • We apply an insecticide spray band/barrier strip around the entire home.
  • We give special attention to cracks and small openings when treating.
  • Each outside door threshold is given attention to stop insect entry.
  • Foundation vents and window wells are common entry points for insect pests and are carefully treated.
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